The Madagascar Institute &
Dark Passage present:

Everything was better before.
(Lets fix that!)

Being:  A celebration and commiseration  of when New York City was so much cooler  back in the Good Old Days, before everything went to shit, before hipsters, before gentrification, before Giuliani, before Bloomberg, before investment bankers, before the Recession, before the Internet, before I met you, before men stopped wearing hats, before men started wearing hats ironically, before irony, before Bushwick, before we sold out, before we cashed in, before before before, which by an amazing coincidence was when you were young and goodlooking and unjaded.

Glory days.

Our tenth anniversary, with three events in one day: The Madagascar Institutes's dramatic re-creation of a pivotal naval battle, with twists that will surprise, delight, and confound you; a Dark Passage frolic that is, by its very nature, a secret that we cannot tell you; and a Time Machine disguised as a massively collaborative  block party.

Saturday, May 30th, Brooklyn



Part One: Revenge of the Future
An informative, historical brunch by the balmy shore of Prospect Park Lake. South side of the peninsula, near Wellhouse Drive, look for red flags.
11:00 a.m. Brunch (BYOEverything)
11:45 a.m. Show. Be on time, if you are late you will miss it.

Click here for map

Part Two: Dark Passage Frolic
It is a secret.

Part Three: A massively collaborative, distributed time machine, in the clever guise of a block party, hard by the scenic Gowanus Canal.
Second Street, Between Bond Street and the Gowanus, 2:30pm-9:30 pm.
Bands, entertainments, informational games, and at 9PM the inauguration of a big honking machine that will render everything better before, now and forever, as long as things do not go horribly horribly wrong. 

Click here for a map to the block party on 2nd St and Bond.