more art from Rivka’s awesome class at QMA

I biked out to the Queens Museum of Art where Rivka’s class was hard at work making signs and decorations for Maker Faire

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ride at your own risk

the other side of the jet ponies sign.. thank you Allen!

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the 360 swing of death

swing of death banner... thank you Eleanor!

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Gaylen Hamilton: DIY Surgeon in action!

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Thursday, Sept. 16, noon – 2:35

Subjects were observed to be too busy to take pictures with me…  : (

Subject: Lindsay / Mood: Pensive / Work: Hurting

Subject: Gaylen / Mood: very proud of himself / Work: fiddling with a thingy


Subject: Jacquie / Mood: Picturesque / Work: Pruning


Subject: Jeanie / Mood: Subversive / Work: Trying to get me to do her work for her – Nice Try!


Subject: Lindsay / Mood: Creative / Work: Creating ginormous petals for the VooDoo Lilly!
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Surgery at Mada!

Hackett cut himself. Bad. He was attacked by a piece a metal. A sharp piece of metal. A sharp and mean piece of metal. Gaylen can now add “surgeon” to his resume. Coming soon: new class! Gaylen teaches DIY Surgery!

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Max runs off with the chariot.

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Banner Test

Rivka and I tested the banners for the chariots. They are looking good!

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Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010, 1-4pm

Subject: Jacquie / Mood: Snippy / Work: Hurty


Subjects: Lindsay n Ian (Gaylen's "friend") / Mood: Optimistic / Work: Playing with Fire-Flowers


Subject: Lindsay / Mood: Hopeful that more people will help come to the shop this week to help work on the Voo-Doo Lilly / Work: Hoping

Subjects were observed…

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Monday, Sept. 13, 10am


Subject: Lindsay / Mood: Oblivious / Work: Driving to the ends of Brooklyn to buy and cut steel for the 360 swing

Subject was observed being very badass.

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Friday, Sept. 10 3pm-4pm

Subject: Hans / Mood: Annoyingly Upbeat / Work: Giving Pep Talks

Subject: Rivka Mood: Annoyed Work: Medal Fabrication

Subject: Jacquie / Mood: Clampy / Work: Fake

Subject: Jhosef / Mood: Sparky / Work: Burning Hans with sparks

Subject: Boris n Lindsay / Mood: Boring / Work: Planning to use the mill

Subject: Rivka / Mood: Petulant / Work: ?

Subjects were observed to be doing real work on fake idears. Seems improbable but the pictures don’t lie. More latr.

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2 more classes: Molding and Knot Tying

Knot Tying (w/ Lindsay)

Learn basic knot tying skills from the Bowline to Trucker’s Hitch. Impress your friends with knowing how to tie a knot and when to use it.One of the single most useful skills, and the best way to fake all-encompassing competence- step up out the background and tie a clever knot to secure an awkward load to the top of the truck, and the next thing you know people will be deferring to your opinion, no matter how poorly reasoned, and handing you the keys to their helicopter without question. A shockingly low percentage of people know how to tie knots, and if you become one of the elect you will always be useful, always be called upon, and will get constant flirtations from people who have been a font of unfocused longing ever since they saw Secretary. Additionally, when the awesomeness becomes too much to bear you can end yourself in style.

Class is $20

Friday, October 15, 2010 from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Casting 101 — Waste Molds

Learn how to make a plaster waste mold and cast a clay piece in Hydrocal, or Plaster. The best way to make a cheap mold for simple forms. Bring an object or a water-based clay piece that you would like to cast or make something quick at the shop.

Class is $80, and is two 3 hour sessions in one weekend.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM and
Sunday, October 17, 2010 from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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playing with scale

Here’s some pics of the signage that my Queens Museum english class has produced so far:

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Work on Voo-Doo Lilly

Lindsay and I spent a quiet afternoon developing new poisons and dangerous contrivances for the delight and enlightenment of the children.

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VooDoo Lily Progress

“In the  mid-1800s, the story of a man-eating tree captured widespread attention. In a report he wrote for the South Australian Register, Carl Liche, a German explorer, claimed that while exploring Madagascar, he’d witnessed a woman climb the trunk of a large plant and drink its nectar. When the plant sensed her presence, it captured her with its tentacles and pulled her into its body.”

“Man-eating tree can refer to any of various legendary carnivorous plants that are large enough to kill and consume a person or other large animal. The earliest well known report of a man-eating tree was in still heavily-forested country Madagascar. With ninety percent of its indigenous flora found nowhere else in the world, it’s a jungle in which anything could be lurking”

Join me in “the little shop of horrors” production Voodoo Lily, or Dionaea muscipula

Man eating plant/Flower.  Moving parts.   Seduction.  Drinking.  What is not to like?

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Upcoming MIG Welding classes

This month and next, Madagascar Institute is offering 3 welding classes with 3 Artstars.

The class that made Madagascar Institute famous. Impress your friends, your older brother, and that cute bartender with your tough new skill. This 3-hour introductory welding class will teach you the very basics of MIG welding and familiarize you with the tools you’ll need to finish a project– the grinder, the chop saw, etc. MIG welding is the handy hot glue do-all kind of welding, the primary kind of welding used in making traincars, art, cranes, etc. All sorts of people have come thru Madagascar Institute knowing nothing about a shop and have become capable metal workers, get your start here.

Bring leather gloves if you have them, and wear heavy-duty all natural fibers–in other words, jeans and a long sleeve shirt. And no open toed shoes–boots are ideal. Polyester and nylon will melt onto your skin if hot molten metal drops onto them and ouch that hurts. You will get dirty.

Class is $50 with a $10 materials fee.

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signs/banners/backdrops update

So, we had a lovely day arting in tents outside the Queens Museum… Here’s an update and some images of what we did, we’ll be continuing to work next week Sunday from 1pm-5pm and it would be most awesome if any of you joined.

Banners (posters)

  • Jet Ponies – underway
  • Voodoo Lily – underway
  • 360 swing – underway

Backdrops (details)

  • Voodoo Lily – underway (image of some flower details attached)

Installation ready
(We’ve been creating stuff that can be used to create a sense of environment and installation in situ, once we know where everything goes… some of this may go in the chariot racing area.)

  • streamers (272 feet so far!) (image attached, it’s the red, yellow and black stuff)
  • circles (see image)


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today was a day of motors

Jhosef and I started off taking apart the tiny carb for the go-ped little mini scooter, that had a former life serving Erok as his playa ride. We got the thing apart into lots of tiny little pieces and pulled all the mystery bits of red rubber out, and re-assembled it back on to the motor. Jhosef went back to working bigger motors, and Hackett stepped up to get this go-ped running. Hackett tried to convince me to keep the go-ped on the improv workbench, but it just seemed so much easier to do it on the ground. Besides we could test the clutch. The thing now started and ran for a bit, albeit with lots of starter fluid. So Hackett pegged the throttle and we tried again. This time it really worked when I started, the motor raced, the clutch kicked in, and the go-ped went flying into a pile of metal. The motor didn’t quit there, the thing jumped around like a wounded alligator, while Lindsay and Jhosef came running out to see what made that big crash, only to see Hackett and me wrestling with a very live go-ped that would not do anything but full throttle. After trying all the stop switched, Hackett finally calmed the thing by slowing turning the throttle set screw until the thing started idling, and eventually died. Lindsay now has a motor for her chariot!

A bunch of work later, next up came Jhosef out to prove that “You are not going to win with brakes”. He got his brakeless Vespa-powered chariot running in the shop, so we hoisted it out the doors sideways, since that’s the only way it would fit. He then started it up and took off down the sideway, chasing a few pedestrians for a bit, then turning around in the intersection and almost taking a spill sideways. He then zoomed by the shop and started dragging his foot in a desparate attempt to slow the thing down. If he can armor it up a bit, looks like he’ll be the fastest chariot on the loop for Maker!

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Voodoo Lily

The VooDoo Lily is well under way thanks to our fabulous crew. We have many parts cut out and the shop is starting to crawl with snake like flaming buds and biting venus fly traps.
Jacquie, Townsend, and Nina were the first to jump in and make things happen. The photos don’t live up to the real thing but, here is a taste.
Come Join the crew. We still need motion experts as well as more wheels painted, flowers welded, mesh put on the forms and leaves cut out…and costumes if anyone has time.

Next work day is Sunday at 2:00pm

See you soon,

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plant wheels

New layers are being added to the carousel, and its slowly transforming into a man-eating plant!

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