Need a place to keep practicing your welds after that great class you just took? Or some place to put together that super huge piece of art that will get you as much notoriety as ShopKat? Or do you want to become an Artstar and partake in mechanical bull riding, chariot races, jet engine building, wine tasting, choreographed paddle boat dance-offs in an attempt to change the past to change the future…? Madagascar Institute is a non profit art combine, open to anyone who wants to show up, work, and pay dues.

Madagascar Institute membership details:

Monthly Membership:  $70/mo

Great for limited one time use, and for those with commitment phobia.  Get half-price classes and unlimited shop use for that month. We won’t add you to our mailing list, but this membership does allow you to come use the shop within shop hours and give it a try.

Basic Membership: $125/year

Gets you on our internal mailing list, and the chance to monkey on various builds going on at the time. This does not grant you regular shop access or give you a discount on classes.

Great you if want to be involved, but shop access isn’t something you commonly need.

Full Membership: $600/year

Gets you on our internal mailing list, half price classes, the chance to monkey/lead on various builds, and full shop access during open shop hours, or when people are at the shop.

Great for people that want to make things on their own or lead a project.  Bring out the artstar in you.  This membership helps keep our electricity on as well as pay for our consumables such as welding wire.  You are also expected to take on one shop day a month to keep the doors open.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below with the type of membership you’re interested in, and some one will get back to you within 24 hours about setting up a time for you to visit and get a feel for the shop. Or just pop by during open shop hours.

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