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Hackett’s Bike Generator

Hackett shows you how to build a bike charger for a deep cycle battery so you can power your life during the next natural disaster. Mike Davis’ 555 chip charging circuit

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The Transmission Problem – Pedicab Projector Tripod

Hackett describes the projector tripod he’s building for the pedicab version of The Illuminator, and discusses what he refers to as the “transmission problem” when building things from obtanium.

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Remove Galvanization with Muriatic Acid – Hackett Demonstrates

Hackett demonstrates an acid bath method to remove toxic galvanization from steel in order to prepare it for welding. Galvanized electrical conduit is a readily-obtainable building material, but welding it releases gaseous heavy metals. Removing galv from the areas you wish to weld is easy with a little muriatic acid, water, and baking soda.

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Hackett’s DIY Welding Rod article in MAKE Magazine

Hackett wrote a how-to for making your own welding rod from coathangers, newspaper, and common household chemicals for MAKE volume 33. The full tutorial is available online, and you can download the article PDF!

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Building a materials rack

Go Lindsay & Gaylen!

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Fireless Fireworks, going into a crazed frenzy of production starting Sunday

One of the first slogans of the Madagascar Institute was “A fine mix of obscure history and blowing shit up” and Fireless Fireworks combines the two, along with sexy pirates, lasers, and Shane Gross in wet, clingy clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination (except for confusion as to what, exactly, that is supposed to […]

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This Thursday at the Madagascar Institute

-Welding with Fire: Using the new Oxy-Acetylene torch; or: New ways to horribly maim yourself, just in time for the holidays. -Practice, practice, practice. -Cheap and crappy but very hazardous holiday gifts, part whatever. Last Saturday saw the first steps of the Madagascar Institute volcano, the centerpiece of the upcoming luau to take place Jan […]

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