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Come ride the 360 Swing at the Great Indoors!

We are running the 360 Swing at the Swimming Cities fundraiser party at the Gowanus Ballroom Come do everything that you’ve always wanted to do on a swing, and party! THE GREAT INDOORS BLACK FRIDAY NOV 26 AT THE GOWANUS BALLROOM DJs Dirtyfinger (Blacklabel) $mall ¢hange (Rubulad) Uproot Andy (Bulgarian Bar) It’s wilder than the outdoors. […]

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Propane Propelled Gyroscopes – The Ride of the Future

Looking to add a little thrill to your chrome future? My next project is an amusement device, based on those from the past also wishing to push the envelope (be sure to snoop around the referenced by links for some great stuff):,,, with a fiery twist. It will be a gyroscope ride […]

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Building a materials rack

Go Lindsay & Gaylen!

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Maker Faire NYC 2010 Sizzle Reel

chariots of fire from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

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Raising the Madagascar Flag During the Chaos of the Chariot Race Award Ceremony

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