Propane Propelled Gyroscopes – The Ride of the Future

Looking to add a little thrill to your chrome future?

My next project is an amusement device, based on those from the
past also wishing to push the envelope (be sure to snoop around the referenced by links for some great stuff):,
,, with a fiery

It will be a gyroscope ride – 3 gimbals, with a rider inside –
however, each gimbal will have a propane cannon attached, top and
bottom, facing opposite directions. The rider, mounted inside the
inner most gimbal, will have throttle controls in each hand, bars with
big red buttons, giving control over direction and thrust, to propel
the gimbal rings and him or herself for a hell of a ride. The desired
effect is not only to allow the rider to experience a gyroscopic
effect, but also to send the fiery cannons spinning overhead, in the
periphery, and in front and behind. The ride will be hot.

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