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Dueling Mechanical Bulls at Google I/O 2012

Bull-riding is considered a super tough-guy activity, a chance for cowboys, rodeo queens, and wannabees to prove that they have what it takes to triumph in this quintessentially American pastime. In our minds, all mechanical bulls fall short of being truly American in that they lack competition, the opportunity to directly humiliate another person. To […]

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Jet Blender

Electric Picnic Festival Stradbally Estate, Ireland Participants mount a pulse-jet-powered carnival ride which turns a blender to make delicious smoothies.

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Ring My Bell

McCarren Park Pool, Williamsburg, Brooklyn “A lewd Double Dare–like physical challenge involving a helmet, a water hose, and mannequin legs mechanically rigged to rise in response to aquatic ‘stimulation.’” – Artforum

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Fireless Fireworks

Washington Square Park, NYC A watery event featuring the thunder, pulses, screeches and colors of a fireworks display without the use of a single pyrotechnic.  Photos by Julia Solis

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Washington Square Park, NYC July 23, 2006 Just as history is written by the victors, conflicting versions of the wide and varied history of Washington Square Park are resolved in a maelstrom of violence and hilarity. pictures and video from Laura Garcia-Barrio

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Zombie Freak Out

Philadelphia, PA A wave of mutilation on the streets of Philadelphia. With live bands, dead DJs, and the zombie death squad. Groovy.

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Death Rattler (Jet Fish)

Robodock Festival, Amsterdam A jet-powered carnival ride, built onsite at the Robodock festival in Amsterdam. Two booming propane pulse jets spun a 200-pound steel fish and a rider fast enough to turn the horizon vertical. Insanely loud. Radically unsafe. Videos and more: Death Rattler early jetfish run first run of the pulse jet for jetfish […]

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The Curtain Falls On What Did Not Happen

Scope Art Festival, NY Three fleeting projects in one night, produced under one title. In Top Secret Project: Skorpion, Madagascar performed as a costumed marching band that played custom-built, portable flamethrowers and air horns. The site-specific sculpture A Short Room Full of Tall People gently lowered a 2,000 square foot red ceiling before dropping it […]

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conceived by sir mike ross: A large-scale, interactive sculpture in a park on the edge of the East River. Also practically the first thing we’ve ever made that could be touched by children. Twenty towers supported 10 panels of translucent color that zipped back and forth on cables. On a sunny day the panels cast […]

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Flaming Popes

Brooklyn, NY For all purposes, the first Madagascar event. The plan: A dramatic interpretation of the schism between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches in the 11th century, with drama, betrayal, and a whole lot of shit blowing up. The execution: Horrible delays followed by poorly aimed fireworks set to a boombox with faltering […]

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