Fireless Fireworks, going into a crazed frenzy of production starting Sunday

One of the first slogans of the Madagascar Institute was “A fine mix of obscure history and blowing shit up” and Fireless Fireworks combines the two, along with sexy pirates, lasers, and Shane Gross in wet, clingy clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination (except for confusion as to what, exactly, that is supposed to be a tattoo of).

In only a week we will be blowing shit up  in Washington Square Park, and WE WILL GET AWAY WITH IT- we have permits, permission, and even a budget. There will be rockets and geysers and a guy screaming in German while cracking a bull whip, strobes and balloons and lasers, did we mention the lasers?

It will be the best event ever, with good intentions and dangerously misguided sincerity that goes horribly, horribly wrong, with awesome tech hacks, clever work used to subvert gravity, and Diet Coke used for evil.

Or, it will be Mark and Ben wet, crying and alone, and the event the coolest thing that could have been but did not come off because YOU did not step up and help. A ton of people have been working like Japanese mules for weeks but the event will not happen unless you step up and get to work. It will be fun, rewarding work with almost instant results, both in the week leading up to the event and esp. on Friday night when it all goes down.Fireless fireworks needs monkeys skilled and not so-skilled to build props, assemble cannons, rig lighting, and run the show on Friday night.

Also, we need a ton of people to document it.

Following is Mark’s exacting lists of tasks (before and during) and
things the project needs.

Before the event, people are needed to :

– Wire solenoids and switches
– Put together PVC for launchers
– Art up the fake rocket
– Make flags
– Help do some experiments with the diet coke fountains and concussions
– Help us scavenge some soda bottles
– make some platforms and stands for the rocket, lasers and photo board
– set up lighting and lasers
– pull a gig bag
– twist a  – small marching band / noise band / accordion players –
collective arm into playing during the show…
– make biting and sarcastic remarks

We also need

– soda bottles and water bottles
– high pressure containers: broken compressors, long dead fire
extinguishers, out of date
– canvas bags or sacks

– People to load and fire the rockets
– People to fire the water cannons
– People to help with the concussions
– People to unleash the awesome power of Soda
– Flag people
– People to do laser effects

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