Teach a Class at MADA this Winter!

Teaching classes at Mada will be awesome and you will get paid.  Want to teach one?  Here’s how:
What should I teach?
Classes can be literally anything that you can teach in the shop.  Popular classes in the past have included welding, screenprinting, machining, sewing, etc, as well as craft workshops, or more advanced technique classes.  Classes are generally two or three hours, but it is up to you to determine how much time you need to teach your class.  If you are teaching a skill that requires more knowledge/practice, consider making it a multi-week class.  This is for two reasons: a) we make more money and b) many of these people who pay to take a class may come back to monkey on  your projects.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a solid foundation in not breaking tools when they come to work for you?  Oh yes it would!
Also feel free to think of creative class formats.  If you are working on, say, a jet engine, it is perfectly permissible to teach “How to Build a Jet Engine” as a several week class.  Just bear in mind that if people are paying to be your monkeys you have to actually teach them stuff and not just send them on beer runs and have them sharpen drill bits.  Also, then when they do come back to monkey they will somehow feel like they are getting something for free, which will be amazing for us.
How Much do classes cost?
Classes are mainly priced based on undercutting 3rd Ward.  A general guideline for class cost should be based on the skill, and on how many people can attend the class.  For example, a welding class should cost approximately $25-$30 per person, per hour, and should be limited to 6 students.  A soapmaking workshop, for instance, should be limited to about 12 students and should cost approximately $15-$20 per student per hour.  Some classes can come with a one or two day shop pass, this has yet to be determined.  Madagascar Institute gets 50% of the money for the class, and YOU, the fabulous instructor gets the other 50%.  It is up to you to propose a student limit for your classes, and we’ll work with you to arrive at the appropriate price.  To this end, teaching a class does not count for your shop dues.  If students will need consumable materials, this should be an extra “materials fee.”
When do classes take place?
We are shooting to launch classes by mid-January, and start advertising them by December 15.  It is up to you to figure out when (what days, what month) you would like to offer your class/es.  Evenings and weekends are the best times for classes, and be sure to put second and third day/time choices for scheduling.  We will send out requests for class proposals seasonally every 4 months or so.Do you have to be a shop member to teach a class?
You do not have to be a member of the Madagascar Institute to teach a class here (as long as you know what you are doing, and don’t make things break), but current members get the priority in terms of scheduling.
I’d like to teach the same class in March, and again in April.
Great!  Please fill out a separate form for Section 1 and Section 2 (just dates and times are needed, no need to re-type your description, etc.)
I can’t wait to teach a class!! What do I do?         Fill out this form, and return it Lis & Rivka at art.that.hurts@gmail.com  CLASS PROPOSAL FORM   for January, February, March, April
Class Title:
Brief description:
Class Format (i.e. how many sessions, how many hours per session)
Limit to how many students?
What days/times would you like to teach this class?
First choice:
Second choice:
What tools do you need to teach this class?
Do we have these tools and are they in good working condition?
Is there a materials fee for your class and will you be able to purchase these materials? (i.e. $20 for silk screens and squeegies)
In what area of the shop will your class be held?
*******Please return this form to art.that.hurts@gmail.com******

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