Classes are back, finally, after years and years of exile in fake idea land. Right now, classes include leatherwork, absinthe making, sewing, electrochemical etching of brass and steel using household ingredients, and, (of course) two types of welding (easy and ugly/ hard and elegant) taught by Artstars with a disturbing range of personalities. Check back every now and then, as the list of offered classes will grow and grow as people get their shit together and commit to teaching.

Go to to see what we have to offer, and sign up quickly at classes (at) madagascarinstitute (dot) com, as space is limited.

To get all fancy and Web 2.0 (are we still on 2.0? I am old, and ten years out of the tech world) use the comments to let us know what kind of classes you wish we gave, and if the desire seems to be out there and the ideas aren’t too laughable (like: no fire spinning. No creepy dude magnets, or any classes that involve touching other people. No improv. Nothing even remotely “spiritual” or containing the word “feelings”. The word “potential” should only be used in the EE sense.) we will try and make a class happen. In exchange for giving us a great idea we can use to profit, you get nothing, but you will get the opportunity to pay to learn stuff. Which is good. For us, at least.

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