This Sunday at the Madagascar Institute

This Sunday at the Madagascar Institute:

SEE the new workshop plan !
CUT solid steel with a spark-shooting grinder!
PROVE that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts by welding
scrap metal into art!
COMMIT various felonies by building a rocket launcher!
AND various other activities that fit worse than these into a sideshow
barkerish sentence structure.


As some of you prob know there is no big Madagascar Institute Halloween
prank this year. There will be something that breaks a few laws and
scares the shit out of people, but it won’t be anywhere near as
wonderful as flaming soccer so don’t get all hyped up. More info will be
presented Sunday.

This week we will be asking for a small contribution to offset supplies,
like 5 or 10 bucks or so. It is not mandatory and old engines, scrap
steel, and tools will be gleefully accepted in lieu of the cash.

This Sunday at the Madagascar Institute:

Welding school, part 3.

Some of the people who have been in attendance for the first two welding
sessions are starting to get good. If you haven’t been to one yet don’t
worry, you will be brought up to speed quickly.
This week the welding shop may or may not include a second welding rig
so that groups at different levels can both work at the same time.
Beginners and non beginners will be doing different things.


Scrap steel. Remember, if it rusts or a magnet sticks to it it is prob
Gloves, welding masks, electrode. There are enough of these things to
share but you will prob want your own gloves and maybe mask so you don’t
have to keep sharing them with the skanky guy who used it before you. If
you want to know what type of stuff to buy e-mail me.
Ideas. We will start working on individual projects soon.

Engine School, part 2.

This week, the snowblower will hopefully get running. Clay (or someone)
might lecture on this. Remember, little engines can be the base of cool
robots and machines.

Any old engines you come across. If you see an old lawnmower,
snowblower, chain saw, whatever (like you ever see any of this shit in
NYC) grab it and bring it down. It will be used.

Cutting metal 101
Learn to cut solid steel with a hand-held angle grinder. It shoots out
some really cool sparks, and with the grinder to cut and the welder to
put together you can make anything.

Scrap to cut.
Extra cut-off wheels (if you are really going to bring one tell the guy
at the hardware store that you need a cut-off wheel for a Mikita 4.5
inch angle grinder. He will understand even if you don’t.

Project 1: Rocket launcher

We will try to put out scanty skills to the test to start building a
little hand-held rocket/fireworks launcher. Also, we will be taking
ideas for future projects.


steel pipe, hinges, angle iron, ideas.

Halloween workshop:

If you got any last-minute additions or work that needs to be done on
your costume you can use the Institute workspace and tools. Bring
whatever you will need- I have some supplies (hot glue sticks, solder,
etc.) but not a whole lot. All are welcome.

In addition to all this you can view the latest plan for the
workshop/meeting area/studio space. It will prob be on the wall
somewhere. Also, if you get there earlyish you can help set up the new
storage stuff and equipment Erok and I will be setting up.


This Sunday, around 2:30-3pm at the Madagascar Institute.
The Madagascar Institute is located at 217 Butler Street, between Nevins
and Bond, ground floor.
Take the F or G train to the Bergen Street stop (3rd stop in Brooklyn on
the F)
Exit at Bergen and Smith Street. Walk up Bergen, against the flow of
traffic, 2 blocks to Bond. Take a right on Bond, walk 4 or so blocks to
Butler. Take a left on Butler, walk 1/2 block to 217. Ring buzzer #1.
You can get there from the N/R train at Union (about 8 blocks) and the
Atlantic/Pacific street stop for everything, but I don’t know how to do

Bodega-style refreshments are available at the corner of Butler and
Bergen. Smith street has many fine places to eat. Bring your own.
If you have any question’s e-mail me.

To be removed from this list eat glass.


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