This Thursday at the Madagascar Institute

This Thursday at the Madagascar Institute:

Printmaking, Part 2
Intro to Networking
Welding and Machinery practice session
Work on your own stuff

Thursday, 12-07-00 from 7-10 pm.

Another midweek session, soon to be a regular feature of the Madagascar
Institute. As it looks now the shop will be open every Thursday as well
as Saturday. Soon, the shop will be open another weekday (maybe Tuesday)
and then maybe yet another, depending on interest and the number of shop
stewards available. The eventual goal is to get the running as an
autonomous entity, heading closer and closer but never actually
achieving the Platonic ideal of the workshop, with more refinements and
features coming online regularly. We still need a shitload of equipment
and supplies and skills so if you have any bring them by. If you need
details e-mail me directly.

Last Saturday’s Intro to Printmaking class was a success. Eric spread
the gospel of DIY printmaking, combining theory and practice nicely.
Thursday’s session will concentrate more on practice. In Eric’s words:

Holiday fun with silk screening!

Thanks to everyone who stayed for Saturday’s Silk Screening class…
Part II
of the class will be held this Thursday at 7:30 pm… There we will
coating and exposing silk screens and printing on various materials.  We

will also begin to touch on finer skills such as high resolution
and multi-color printing.  For those interested, we will hold an open
on Saturday to brush up skills, go over techniques or solve any problems
may be having on your own.

REMEMBER TO BRING your stretched silk screen, and your Positive image on

clearfilm (can be amberlith, photo clear film or photocopied… for
ask for a positive, reverse reading, emulsion down… for photocopied,
two copies) and something flat and smooth to print on, i.e.. paper,
plastic, fabric.

NOTE: If you missed Saturday’s session don’t worry- show up on Thursday
and you can be brought up to speed. I think. Just show up.

Intro to Networking

The inability of the pigfuckers at a certain online realtor to deliver
the networking cards and hub on time forced the delay of Intro to
Networking to be postponed, prob to Thursday but maybe to Saturday. Prob
The Madagascar Institute Big Main Computer is up and running (thanks to
the Dell owner and two professional geeks that swarmed all over the
equipment, configuring everything in a snap while I stood to the side
and smoked cigarettes) with a pretty good DSL connection and nicely
stocked with war3z from the ftp server of one of the aforementioned
alpha geeks. This will be the main audio, video, and imaging computer.
We also have a bunch of decent boxes that will make do as e-mail,
writing and hacking machines. They will all be smoothly networked this
week, so if you are interested in how to set up a small network come on
by and let yourself be soothed by the dulcet tones of that Irish guy. He
knows his shit.


Copies of Quake for network testing
war3z for all the computers (PC only)
network cable (or a crimper, cable, and ends if you know how to make
them- this would be cool to learn)

Welding and Machinery practice session
The (hopefully) protective curtain will be put up on Thursday, and the
wonders of climate controlled welding will begin. All attendees will be
schooled on the wonders of the drill press, bench grinder, and Super
Sawzall. Also, all new attendees will learn how to weld.
Remember: the only way to get good at welding is to practice, so show up
and do that.

Scrap. The fully functional and butchly stylish table you will be
welding on was built from obtanium, and many many other cool things can
be as well. If it is metal, bring it. I spotted some bed frames on the
way to the subway this morning and you prob did too. Bring them.

Work on your own stuff

Any projects you have been thinking about or have started (art bikes,
firework guns, blinky light things, etc.) can be worked on Thursday
night. If you have some ideas but haven’t started or even attended a
session and need help show up and it will be given to you.


Thursday’s session will begin at around 7pm, and go until 10 or so.  No
fucking around. If you show up after 10 you will be sorry. In this area
the Gowanus C.H.U.D.s have been getting a little out of hand late at
night. They mostly just eat the crackheads, but crackheads are all
stringy and stinky while you are firm and full bodied and slightly less
stinky so the C.H.U.D.s will go after you first. I have an agreement
with them, where they leave me alone and do a little work for me now and
then in exchange for me not opening the door no matter how loud the
screams get or how impassioned the pleading. THey like to play with
their food, those C.H.U.D.s.

The Madagascar Institute is located at 217 Butler Street, between Nevins

and Bond, ground floor.

Take the F or G train to the Bergen Street stop (3rd stop in Brooklyn on

the F) Exit at Bergen and Smith Street. Walk up Bergen, against the flow

of traffic, 2 blocks to Bond. Take a right on Bond, walk 4 or so blocks
to Butler. Take a left on Butler, walk 1/2 block to 217. Ring buzzer #1.

You can get there from the N/R train at Union (about 8 blocks) and the
Atlantic/Pacific street stop for everything, but I don’t know how to do

Bodega-style refreshments were available at the corner of Baltic and
Bond, one black away.
Many students have raved about the quality and price of the sandwiches
offered in the supermarket up the block. They close at 8pm.

Smith Street has many fine places to eat. Bring your own.

If you have any question’s e-mail me.

As always, if you want to be removed from this list eat glass.


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