Danger Blender, Irish Festival Update

So Saturday at the shop was a frenzy of concentrated Danger Blender activity in true Madagascar style- people who just stopped by for other reasons or to lend a quick hand doing heroic amounts of crucial labor (thanks, Jason), the thing getting done right at the last minute, things going horribly wrong at the party on a test run (blender blades flattening out from centrifugal force cutting thru the trash can blender body at high speed, this throwing the axle out of true) and a miraculous save from the usual dark horse heroes (Angle Grinder, Shane Gross). Danger blender was well and truly dangerous, reducing fruit and ice to their component atoms REALLY REALLY LOUDLY. At one point I turned to Jason(after lovely bartenders wearing face shields, gloves, and hearing protectors were tossing unlucky oranges and ice into the spinning maw of razor-edged Hurting while the ravers on acid tried to run in horror, only to be blocked by the ravers on speed crowding in for a closer look), and said “You know- this is pretty stupid, but far from the stupidest thing I have ever done at a party and he concurred. It was pretty stupid, but made us a few hundred bucks, and with four hours of work can actually be upgraded into a useful industrial drink maker. (If you want to help out on that let me know.)Thanks to all that helped, including the poor Apex Tech welding student who had never built anything before and who panicked when she realized that we needed the thing that night.

Blender work,combined with lateness, short notice, crippling hangovers, and general lack of interest kind of crippled the Ireland meeting. If you have a good, fleshed out idea (no time for fake ones of any kind) e-mail it to me, and we will try and do the design-off online, as time is tight. I am going to try and bullshit our way into an invite and 10 plane tickets now, idea and plan later, but if you run an Irish festival you have to be good at dealing with bullshit from pros, so I am not hopeful.

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