October Classes

Intro to MIG welding w/ Hackett
Tues. Oct 9, 7-10pm
$60 incl materials
MIG welding is the handy hot glue do-all kind of welding, the primary kind of welding used in making traincars, art, cranes, etc. 

All sorts of people have come through Madagascar Institute knowing nothing about a shop and have become capable metal workers; get your start here. This class focuses on the hands-on experience of welding.  You will learn a little of the theory and tech behind it, but mostly you will get a feel for the manual skill of welding.

Makerbot replicator 700x466

3-D printing on the Makerbot Replicator w/ Colin
Sat Oct 13 2-5pm
$65 incl. materials

3-Dimensional printing. Think hot glue gun attached to a robot who can push forward/back(Y), left/right(X), up/down(Z). It’s that simple really. Or is it? Come find out for yourself.

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing. Dissimilar to cutting, milling, or lathe work, 3D printers draw from nothing to something. Layer by layer, creating a solid 3-dimensional object that can be held in your hand. From what you might ask. We will be printing with ABS filament. ABS is the same material LEGO are made of. The main idea we should take away from such tool as the 3D printer, is that we can make anything. You Can Make Anything! No experience neccesary!

EL Wire costume workshop w/ Becky Stern
Tues. Oct 16, 7pm to 9:40pm
$95 incl materials.
Just in time for all hallows eve, you’ll leave this class ready to light up the halloween parade. Or prepare yourself for the dreary winter and the change of seasons by lighting up your bike, your stilts, or your boots!

Learn to use EL wire to make light-up clothing and accessories in this hands-on workshop with Becky Stern, director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Bring a bag, stiff hat, a prop, pair of shoes, your bike or other item to cover with EL wire. Each student will receive an EL starter pack from Adafruit plus extra goodies. Tools, sewing supplies and adhesives will be available for use. No prior experience necessary.

Intro to TIG welding w/ Jim
Wed Oct 17, 7-9 pm
$60 incl materials.

TIG is the new MIG. The coolest thing about TIG welding is that TIG allows you to see exactly what is going on as the weld is executed, up close and personal, without being showered in splatter. Plus you don’t have to wear those bulky gloves.

This 3-hour introductory class will teach you the very basics of TIG welding. Artstar, professional welder and the 2nd biggest muscles at Madagascar Institute, Jim Tessen will familiarize you with TIG welding and give you the tips so that you can come back to the shop and practice on your own.

6hr MIG/TIG combo class w/ Jim
Sat Oct 20, 11-6pm
$125 incl. Materials

In this all day mig/tig combo class, artstar Jim Tensen will walk you through everything you need to successfully learn to weld. First, you’ll some basic theory, then you’ll learn how the MIG machine works, general safety, why you won’t get electrocuted, etc. Then you’ll move on to actual welding. Running a bead and tacks, butt joints and fillet welds. Finally, Jim will show you how to visually inspect and test your welds. You’ll also learn how to cut and grind your steel.

Then you’ll do it all again with the TIG welder.
This is our newest most popular class. No previous welding experience neccessary.

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