Upcoming MIG Welding classes

This month and next, Madagascar Institute is offering 3 welding classes with 3 Artstars.

The class that made Madagascar Institute famous. Impress your friends, your older brother, and that cute bartender with your tough new skill. This 3-hour introductory welding class will teach you the very basics of MIG welding and familiarize you with the tools you’ll need to finish a project– the grinder, the chop saw, etc. MIG welding is the handy hot glue do-all kind of welding, the primary kind of welding used in making traincars, art, cranes, etc. All sorts of people have come thru Madagascar Institute knowing nothing about a shop and have become capable metal workers, get your start here.

Bring leather gloves if you have them, and wear heavy-duty all natural fibers–in other words, jeans and a long sleeve shirt. And no open toed shoes–boots are ideal. Polyester and nylon will melt onto your skin if hot molten metal drops onto them and ouch that hurts. You will get dirty.

Class is $50 with a $10 materials fee.

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