VooDoo Lily Progress

“In the  mid-1800s, the story of a man-eating tree captured widespread attention. In a report he wrote for the South Australian Register, Carl Liche, a German explorer, claimed that while exploring Madagascar, he’d witnessed a woman climb the trunk of a large plant and drink its nectar. When the plant sensed her presence, it captured her with its tentacles and pulled her into its body.”

“Man-eating tree can refer to any of various legendary carnivorous plants that are large enough to kill and consume a person or other large animal. The earliest well known report of a man-eating tree was in still heavily-forested country Madagascar. With ninety percent of its indigenous flora found nowhere else in the world, it’s a jungle in which anything could be lurking”

Join me in “the little shop of horrors” production Voodoo Lily, or Dionaea muscipula

Man eating plant/Flower.  Moving parts.   Seduction.  Drinking.  What is not to like?

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