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Death Rattler (Jet Fish)

Robodock Festival, Amsterdam A jet-powered carnival ride, built onsite at the Robodock festival in Amsterdam. Two booming propane pulse jets spun a 200-pound steel fish and a rider fast enough to turn the horizon vertical. Insanely loud. Radically unsafe. Videos and more: Death Rattler early jetfish run first run of the pulse jet for jetfish […]

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Saturday, May 28, 4pm Crafty Workshop with surprise Artstar, $free

Come find out what kind of crafty stuff we have laying around the shop. Downstairs we have so much fun stuff: paper, fabric, sequins, feathers, belt buckles, pins, bendy, sparkly, fuzzy things. We thought we ought to have a workshop. We will be there to help you complete a project of your choosing. We’ll be […]

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Thursday, May 26, 7pm Beginning Welding with Kim

Basic welding — always full, often overbooked. Always fun, messy, and dirty. Sometimes scary, hurty, and cold — or hot — depending on the season. I suspect this class will be a perfect spring class, the kind where you go directly outside to drink beer and brag about your new skills, wearing your face dirt […]

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Saturday, May 21, 4pm Pinching and Twisting with Mistress Jacquie

Balloon Animals!!! If you want to learn the basics of sculpting with inflatable latex, or want to develop basic twisting and pinching skills, this is the class for you! If you want to impress those 3-to-10 year olds who’ve been dissin’ you lately, or you who want to appear disarmingly charming to the sexy single-parent […]

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Beginning Welding with a surprise Artstar

Same class different month. Any one of our frighteningly talented and attractive artstars can teach this class. Come take a chance and see who it will be this time. Learn the basics: safety, how to weld, the difference is between the various welders, why you won’t electrocute yourself, welding fashion, and depending on the teacher, […]

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Saturday May 7, 1pm Using the Lathe with Hackett

Hackett has been slaving over this thing — making his own bolts, turning rebar into jewelry, and more. Learn how to use this miraculous tool yourself; why should Hackett have all the fun? The lathe is set up for metal work but can we switch it out for wood to. Learn how to set it […]

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Saturday, April 23, 2pm What’s That Do? with Hackett $free

Hey what’s that tool? And what’s that do? How’s that work? This is a free workshop in *what we have.* This is not so much a "how-to" but a "what’s that thing do?" Hackett will take you around the shop and show you the lathe, the cold saw, the chop saw, the bench grinder, the […]

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Thursday, April 21, 8pm Sewing with SarahMac

You asked for it, here it is: sewing. We have tons of fabric and several machines. And after our big-ass fabric ceiling project for the Scope festival, we’re pretty much all proficient at sewing (except me), but none as professional as SarahMac. If you are wanting to learn new sewing techniques then visit She’s […]

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The Curtain Falls On What Did Not Happen

Scope Art Festival, NY Three fleeting projects in one night, produced under one title. In Top Secret Project: Skorpion, Madagascar performed as a costumed marching band that played custom-built, portable flamethrowers and air horns. The site-specific sculpture A Short Room Full of Tall People gently lowered a 2,000 square foot red ceiling before dropping it […]

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conceived by sir mike ross: A large-scale, interactive sculpture in a park on the edge of the East River. Also practically the first thing we’ve ever made that could be touched by children. Twenty towers supported 10 panels of translucent color that zipped back and forth on cables. On a sunny day the panels cast […]

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New York, NY June 14, 2003 This all-dance, three minute and 19 second production went off between the lions on the steps of the New York Public Library and finished before guards had time to ask for the permits. Choreographers trained 75 dancers with little to no previous dance experience to count eights and hit […]

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This Week at the Madagascar Institute

So- it has been months (has it been months? It seems like it, as least to me, who cares, and maybe to the others that do as well.) since you ungrateful bastards have been blessed with another missive of sweetness and light from me, and oh what those months have contained- amazing events, radical leaps […]

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This Saturday at the Madagascar Institute

This Saturday at the Madagascar Institute: Networking 101 Scary Dangerous X-mas gifts Event planning: Luau Work on your own shit This has been a busy week so far at the Madagascar Institute. Thanks to Mo and her army of confused men the welding curtain is up and working ( I guess, unless the people who […]

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This Thursday at the Madagascar Institute

This Thursday at the Madagascar Institute: Printmaking, Part 2 Intro to Networking Welding and Machinery practice session Work on your own stuff Thursday, 12-07-00 from 7-10 pm. Another midweek session, soon to be a regular feature of the Madagascar Institute. As it looks now the shop will be open every Thursday as well as Saturday. […]

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This Saturday at the Madagascar Institute

This Saturday at the Madagascar Institute: – Other people’s depravity is our shopping value; or; how blue-collar desperation can make for a great machine shop. – Home networking Gowanus style And: – Printmaking 101 Welcome back, me, from the Great American Flyover where the high desert was explored, roller coasters were ridden, and a quest […]

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This Sunday at the Madagascar Institute

This Sunday at the Madagascar Institute: SEE the new workshop plan ! CUT solid steel with a spark-shooting grinder! PROVE that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts by welding scrap metal into art! COMMIT various felonies by building a rocket launcher! AND various other activities that fit worse than these into […]

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Flaming Popes

Brooklyn, NY For all purposes, the first Madagascar event. The plan: A dramatic interpretation of the schism between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches in the 11th century, with drama, betrayal, and a whole lot of shit blowing up. The execution: Horrible delays followed by poorly aimed fireworks set to a boombox with faltering […]

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