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Madagascar Lingo

madagascar squint: welding process perfected at the madagascar institute which eliminates the need for eye protection. This term (as far as i know) was coined by touch. gear Obtainium: free crap (off street, donated) we magically turn into “art”. NotAmerica: anywhere but here Veronica

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Jet Bike Photos

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”192913″]

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popesiversary xi: the siege of mada

To mark Popesiversary! it was essential to reproduce the effect of standing around in the cold while dodging fireworks aimed directly at the eyes. We opened fire from the backyard up to the fortified windows of the third floor. The window opened a crack and answered with a steady stream of roman candles. And no, […]

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On’s Motherboard recently came by and spent the afternoon hanging out at the shop, and dug thru our archive of video footage, and put together a pretty nice little video about us:

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Madagascar Inst. on FaceBook

I set up a Facebook ‘group’ for Mada a month ago. There are 322 members. Note – this is a public group. It’s a great way to disseminate information.

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Basement Archeology

We did an amazing dig thru layers of crap in the basement, dug up some old pictures, found old lunches, chucked all sorts of things that everyone agreed should have been chucked many years ago, and saved lots of useful stuff (crazy, right?). New developments: * you can actually see and walk the whole corner […]

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Classes are back, finally, after years and years of exile in fake idea land. Right now, classes include leatherwork, absinthe making, sewing, electrochemical etching of brass and steel using household ingredients, and, (of course) two types of welding (easy and ugly/ hard and elegant) taught by Artstars with a disturbing range of personalities. Check back […]

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Teach a Class at MADA this Winter!

Teaching classes at Mada will be awesome and you will get paid.  Want to teach one?  Here’s how: What should I teach? Classes can be literally anything that you can teach in the shop.  Popular classes in the past have included welding, screenprinting, machining, sewing, etc, as well as craft workshops, or more advanced technique […]

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Graphics Archive

Here’s a small collection of Mada graphic art.  Featuring work by:  Jason Engdal, Leslie Stem, and Polina Soloveichik. There is a lot more work out there folks. Please send me your photo documentation of poster, banners, etc.

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Madagascar Photo Archive

I’ve been collecting images of Madagascar Inst. events for years here on Flickr. There you’ll have access to hi-res copies of everything. Artstars, please go nuts and tag the photos.  Add commentary. Take credit for victories and assign blame for the failures.

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Gadgetoff 2009

Thanks everyone for the hard work! The Thundersteed Jet Ponies will return! For more info on the next appearance, subscribe to the announce list and watch this site. Or if you have a venue for it, contact us at

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Big Bike on Myrtle Ave

Iris and Mia brought their big bike out for a street fest one Sunday on Myrtle ave–432 myrtle near vanderbuilt–

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noli turbare circulos meos

we went out to build for a music festival in Stradbally, county Laois, Ireland ( in august of 2008– built a lenz turbine and two water tanks which, in turn, powered our water wheel which drove a 360degree vertical carnival ride counterweighted by a portion of an eyebeam.

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Jet Blender

Electric Picnic Festival Stradbally Estate, Ireland Participants mount a pulse-jet-powered carnival ride which turns a blender to make delicious smoothies.

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Ring My Bell

McCarren Park Pool, Williamsburg, Brooklyn “A lewd Double Dare–like physical challenge involving a helmet, a water hose, and mannequin legs mechanically rigged to rise in response to aquatic ‘stimulation.’” – Artforum

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Fireless Fireworks

Washington Square Park, NYC A watery event featuring the thunder, pulses, screeches and colors of a fireworks display without the use of a single pyrotechnic.  Photos by Julia Solis

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Washington Square Park, NYC July 23, 2006 Just as history is written by the victors, conflicting versions of the wide and varied history of Washington Square Park are resolved in a maelstrom of violence and hilarity. pictures and video from Laura Garcia-Barrio

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Class: Beginning Welding with Ryan

>If you want to impress your sexy neighbor, your girlfriend, or your favorite bartender, or you want to fix that rusty hole in your car, take this class. The infamous Ryan and his cohorts will teach you all that you need to know to get started, and he’ll entertain you all the way. He may […]

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Danger Blender, Irish Festival Update

So Saturday at the shop was a frenzy of concentrated Danger Blender activity in true Madagascar style- people who just stopped by for other reasons or to lend a quick hand doing heroic amounts of crucial labor (thanks, Jason), the thing getting done right at the last minute, things going horribly wrong at the party […]

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Zombie Freak Out

Philadelphia, PA A wave of mutilation on the streets of Philadelphia. With live bands, dead DJs, and the zombie death squad. Groovy.

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